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About disrUPtion

An Open Innovation initiative created by Diverge, Grupo Nabeiro’s Innovation Centre, in partnership with imatch, that aims to bring solutions developed by startups into Grupo Nabeiro’s value chain, solving the challenges, with a co-developed pilot.

The selected startups will go through 3 sprints, in which they will do a Deep Dive into Grupo Nabeiro so they can work over their products/services with experts from the company and adapt them to their reality, with the final goal of validating them in real environments, with stakeholders and customers, so they can get to a final solution that may be implemented in Grupo Nabeiro and that will bring value to market. 

At the end of the program, all the startups with solutions that adapt to Grupo Nabeiro’s value chain may work in partnership with them, developing synergies and making the most of all the related advantages. Besides that, 3 startups will be selected to an event with international reach to showcase the final result of their projects.


UP we go!

We’re mainly looking for solutions in these 4 areas (but if you have something good to present us don’t hesitate to apply).


The market is constantly changing and new products and ways to consume come up every day. We want to meet new and exciting products, methods of producing, manufacturing, consumption that we can help enter the markets in which we work.


Never before has responsible impact been so relevant to the World’s sustainability. We want to meet and improve solutions and work practices that bring us together in these times of sustainable change.


New types of consumers and new ways of consumption make us rethink the way we interact with consumers. We’re looking to accelerate solutions that help us list, understand and reach out to the several types of consumers when and where they want to be met at.


We want to empower solutions that, alongside new ways of connecting with customers, make all the experience, from the first touchpoint to establishing a long-lasting relationship, into an experience that matches the Nabeiro Group’s values.


When & Where

After the matchUP, the hard work begins! These are the 3 sprints, one week each, to adapt and adjust your solution to Grupo Nabeiro’s value proposition.


Program Layout


3rd April to 29th May

You have about two months to prepare your application and to register your startup through F6S.


17th, 24th, 25th and 27th June

The 24 selected startups will present their pitch to Grupo Nabeiro. Six of these will move on to matchUP.


11th July

One day that begins with speed dating between mentors and startups which will culminate in the match between the two parties.


9th to 13th September

This is the moment to deep into Nabeiro’s world and understand the insignias that make part of it, the achievements, future challenges and basic values that shall never be forgotten.


23rd to 27th September

According to the information and learnings gathered at UPside down, each team will get the chance to UPgrade their solution adapting it to the Nabeiro Group’s portfolio.


14th to 18th October

It’s time to test the work developed until now with different Focus Group's and to adjust the solutions based on the received feedback.


About Grupo Nabeiro & Diverge


About Grupo Nabeiro:

A brand with national and international success, an example of cutting-edge, innovation, entrepreneurial will, it’s the symbol of the village called Campo Maior, in Alentejo. Created in 1961 by Manuel Rui Azinhais Nabeiro, presents itself as a Human Face Brand, always having in mind the motto “One Client, One Friend” and being since the middle 90s a leader in the coffee sector in Portugal.

Following a mono-brand strategy, different business typologies were created. This journey culminated, in 1998, in the reengineering of the Grupo Nabeiro-Delta Cafés, which originated 22 new companies, organized by strategic areas. Nowadays, the four main business areas of the Nabeiro Group´s are Delta Cafés, Delta Q, Adega Mayor, and Mais Marcas.

With a bold, entrepreneur and inspiring spirit, soon saw its business growing in a sustainable way. Its strategy focuses on a personalized brand-customer relationship and its force lies in the permanent investment in innovation and quality, guaranteeing the transparency, integrity, and respect for the origin of our products.


About Diverge:

Diverge, Grupo Nabeiro’s Innovation Centre aims to anticipate the future and challenge the market. It’s composed by a multidisciplinary team that focuses on Research, Product development and Innovation, product development, and innovation process across the whole Nabeiro Group’s.

As central goals, we highlight the fostering of a culture of innovation, the knowledge exchange and the value creation through the development of new products and new business models, services or processes.


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